Workshop Modules

    1. Video: Welcome!

    2. Slides: Welcome!

    3. Workshop Outline

    4. A Call to Create Framework

    5. How can I help?

    1. Module 1 Guide, Foundation

    2. Video: Creativity & Courage Redefined

    3. Courageous To-Do List

    4. Video: Design Your Life Intentionally

    5. Create: Everyday Art Journal

    6. Guest Speaker: Maya Stein - The Gremlins

    7. Writing: My real name

    8. Writing Instructions: My real name

    1. Module 2 Guide, Clear

    2. Video: Create a Modern Fairy Tale

    3. Create: Painted Art Papers

    4. Guest Speaker: Michelle Geller

    1. Module 3 Guide, Choose

    2. Video: Wonderstruck

    3. Create: Curate Loveliness

    4. Guest Speaker: Leia Starshine

    1. Module 4 Guide, Change

    2. Video: What We Keep

    3. What We Keep - Diagram

    4. Roadmap to Change

    5. Create: Bits & Pieces

    6. Guest Speaker: Whitney Walker

    1. Module 5 Guide, Connect

    2. Video: Root Deeply

    3. Field Research @ 51

    4. Create: Stitched Stories

    5. Guest Speaker - Julie Jordan Scott

About this course

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What you see here is more than words, paper, paint, and glue. This is my heart laid flat on the pages. My hopes and dreams, my worries and fears, my joy and uncertainty. My creative process allows me to navigate each day with just a little more patience and grace. It took me years to find my creative footing, and now that I have, I'd love to share it with you. What is A Call to Create? It's a gentle nudge to help you incorporate creativity into your life. It's a way to connect with yourself and with others. It's a call to more freedom and less hesitation. It is whatever you want it to be. We'll work in small steps, and we won't overthink it. We'll create space for safety and mistakes. We'll be changed when we're done. I can't wait to marvel at your bravery and talent. <3